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We construct one-of-a-kind outbound sales approaches, personalize multi-touch sequences, take care of response handling, and secure appointments right into your calendar.

No Commissions.
Guaranteed Meetings.

Our comprehensive appt setting programs are meticulously designed to captivate prospects at every sales funnel stage. We work with some of the best minds in the marketing space and our core philosophy is centered on generating concrete revenue outcomes.

  • No additional program fees
  • No management fees
  • Full and half-day programs are available

How appointment setting works

Our service covers every phase of the journey.

1. Lead Research

Assessment, Research, and Verification

  • We refine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and assess the Total Addressable Market (TAM) to ensure alignment with key decision-makers.
  • Our experts then identify individuals who meet your specifications and sift out those who are unlikely to make a purchase.
  • To conclude, we categorize the qualified leads and collect additional information to enable the crafting of tailored messages.
Appointment Setting

2. Outreach

Crafting and Launching Custom Campaigns

  • Utilizing your ICP and gathered data, we construct a targeted outreach plan and create custom email templates and voice scripts.
  • Concurrently, our technology specialists set up and prime the email accounts to ensure your messages are delivered and opened.
  • Once the campaigns are active, we diligently track key performance indicators and fine-tune the approach.

3. Scheduling Appointments

Book meetings with leads ready to talk

  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) reach out to leads engaging with our emails to propose a call during your open time slots.
  • Prior to the scheduled meetings, our sales team sends courteous reminders to the leads to ensure they remember the upcoming appointment.
  • Should there be an instance of a lead not attending, we promptly follow up to rearrange the meeting, aiming to maximize the number of successful calls for you.

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