About us

Revolutionizing Appointment Scheduling with Expertise and Innovation

At AppointmentSquad.com, our ethos is simple yet powerful: supercharge your revenue pipeline. We accomplish this through strategy, precise data, cutting-edge technology, and a specialized team expertly trained in outbound sales. Our approach is designed to drive more qualified opportunities to your doorstep, fueling growth while reducing HR and acquisition costs. Since our founding in 2022 by David Levy, who has over 15 years of outsourcing experience, we have consistently exceeded expectations.

Our mission transcends beyond mere service provision. We aim to deliver predictable and scalable growth for our clients. This is achieved through a commitment to transparency, perseverance, experience, and creativity. We’re here to offer real results and sustainable growth strategies, steering clear of empty promises. With AppointmentSquad.com, every interaction is a step towards realizing your business potential, crafted with the expertise that your success demands.

Connectivity with a Zest

At Appointment Squad, we believe in making every connection count. Our team thrives on creating meaningful interactions that spark growth. We don’t just schedule appointments; we open doors to exciting opportunities with a dash of fun and enthusiasm.

Innovation Unleashed

We don’t just follow trends; we set them. Our squad constantly explores new frontiers in technology and strategy, ensuring we’re always a step ahead. Our creative approach to problem-solving means we’re not afraid to think outside the box or throw in a quirky twist to keep things interesting.

Reliability with a Wink

Dependability is our middle name, but we wear it with a playful grin. We’re committed to delivering top-notch service with reliability that you can count on, all while keeping the vibe light and enjoyable. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves – we believe a good laugh can be just as important as a firm handshake.

Growth with Grit and Grins

We’re passionate about driving growth for our clients, but we know the journey should be enjoyable, too. Our team embodies a mix of perseverance and positivity, tackling challenges with a can-do attitude and a smile. We celebrate every milestone, no matter how small because every step forward is a reason to be cheerful.

Come work with us

Appointment Squad is a company focused on building a diverse group of caring people who want to help other companies grow. This business growth embodies the core principles that are at the heart of America’s founding. We’re hiring across the company and the country.

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