The Sales Landscape of Tomorrow

Increasing Revenue for Insurance Brokerages

We supercharge revenue pipeline with strategy, data, tech, and a specialized team, driving more qualified opportunities. Our outbound sales expertise fuels growth, lowers HR and acquisition costs.

Top Producers and Companies Work with us

The Industry Leaders for Appointments and Revenue Growth.

Exclusively dedicated to the benefit agency sector, our consultative approach places client interests first. We allocate resources to top talent, cutting-edge technology, and efficient processes, allowing clients to prioritize growth. While quick wins are tempting in sales, we firmly believe in building a foundation for long-term, sustainable revenue success.

How AppointmentSquad Delivers Revenue

We deliver a holistic revenue advantage through qualified sales appointments and acting as your strategic outbound ally.


Our comprehensive appointment-setting process engages your ideal customer (ICP) through email, phone, LinkedIn, SMS, postcards, and more. We aim to grow your business by arranging high-converting, qualified sales meetings with HR and Benefit managers.


Increase top-of-funnel awareness and appointments with our cold email outbound campaigns. We have data on millions of potential companies throughout the USA and can target your ideal customer.


I was almost overwhelmed by the number of appointments that were booked within the first week. Overwhelmed in a great way.

Gary Kline

Senior Employee Benefits Consultant


Client Opening Remaining.