Unveiling the Secret to Successful ROI from Conference Sponsorships


As a benefit brokerage owner, your goal is to grow your firm, build stronger relationships with your clients and improve profitability. One of the effective strategies that can help you achieve these goals is by leveraging conference sponsorships. However, this marketing approach requires significant investment, both in terms of time and capital. So how can you ensure your spending leads to a positive ROI? This post unveils the secret to successful ROI from conference sponsorships.

Understanding Conference Sponsorship ROI

Before delving into the secret to successful ROI from conference sponsorships, it is important to define what ROI means in this context. Simply put, ROI (Return on Investment) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment. For conference sponsorships, ROI can manifest in many forms such as leads generation, brand awareness, and customer relationship enhancements.

The Secret to Successful ROI: Strategic Planning

The first secret to a successful ROI from conference sponsorships is strategic planning. This means designing a sponsorship package that aligns with your firm’s goals and objectives. This could involve strategic placement of your logo, a speaking opportunity, or booth space to showcase your services. Furthermore, strategic planning also necessitates careful selection of the conferences to sponsor. This ensures your brand is showcased to the most relevant audience, thus maximizing your chances of generating high-quality leads.

Leveraging On-Site Visitors

Once at the conference, the focus should shift to capitalizing on the event’s audience. First, ensure your booth is extraordinary and inviting, invoking curiosity among attendees. Secondly, engage the visitors with presentations and demonstrations of your services. This not only captures their attention but also gives you an opportunity to gather their contact information for follow-ups. These engagements serve as excellent means to improve your ROI from conference sponsorships.

Post-Conference Follow-Ups

In order to reap the optimal ROI from conference sponsorships, post-conference follow-ups are critical. Following the conference, immediately reach out to the contacts you gathered, with the intention to build relationships or set appointments for your sales team. It is during this time that your newly acquired leads transform to business prospects, a step closer to yielding the much sought-after ROI.

Employing Appointment Setting Services

The secret sauce to a successful ROI from conference sponsorships can be employing appointment-setting services. This service provides you with experienced sales development representatives (SDRs) who can effectively manage the follow-ups, converting leads into appointments. Rather than your team scrambling to juggle on-going operations and lead follow-ups, an appointed team of SDRs can handle this task with greater efficiency and a higher success rate, ultimately improving your ROI.


In conclusion, the secret to a successful ROI from conference sponsorships is no single tactic. Instead, it’s a strategic combination of careful planning, effective on-site engagements, timely follow-ups, and the employment of professional appointment-setting services. By applying these tips and putting in the necessary work, your firm stands a higher chance of not only recouping its investment but also realizing significant gains.